Errors when decorating and distributing spaces and how to solve them

There are mistakes that many people make when it comes to decorating and distributing their rooms . Maybe you’re committing it yourself and you did not even notice it.

When choosing furniture, colors and even decorative elements, you must take into account certain aspects to avoid overloading your stay and create the feeling that it is too small.

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Abuse neutral colors

It is true that neutral tones give us a lot of play because they allow us to combine them with other decorative elements and even with furniture. However, abusing these could make the room look too boring.

The most common is that neutral tones are the basis of most spaces, but it is precisely the contrast with striking pieces and not stay in the uniformity of the neutral which allows us to add a touch of vitality to any space.

To do this you can choose accessories with personality , such as patterned cushions or bright colors, some plants or paintings and artistic pieces. The correct arrangement of these elements will help you multiply the perception of depth of space.

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Poor lighting

Light is crucial for any project, since colors and textures depend directly on its layout. Each moment requires its particular illumination. The natural light is not the same during all the hours of the day, or moments of the day and this gives us the opportunity to design different scenes for each moment. For this we have different paths. On the one hand, we can maximize sunlight input if our source is limited. The use of mirrors and light colors will help us maximize its diffusion. On the other hand, if at certain times of the day we have an excess of natural light we should foresee the way to sift this entrance to ensure well-being inside and energy saving in hot weather.

In some cases, we need to block the entry of natural light and for this we can resort to blackout curtains or blinds. But beyond the blockade, sometimes necessary, the use of curtains and panels allows us to sift and regulate the entry of light while preserving the privacy of the interior. For this, we resort to translucent curtains.

Talking about lighting leads us to talk about color . The light tones help to a better diffusion of the light that is translated in a greater perception of the space; while darker shades absorb more light and do not help maximize the feeling of available space. Those yes, they are a bet that prints character and they are a fantastic resource if it is used of moderate form.

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The use of artificial lighting, meanwhile, allows us to control the lighting impact in different scenes as we need. Nowadays we enjoy a multitude of options that allow us to oscillate between different chromatic degrees from a cold and white light to soft and warm degrees from the same device and in this way we reduce the risk of wandering in the type of light needed for each room. One of the most common mistakes is to abuse too cold lights in rest space such as the living room or bedroom. In contrast, white lights are more recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, although it is always good to have some support light in warmer tones.

Furniture with incorrect measurements

When choosing the furniture, many times you fall into the error of not taking the measures of the stay and are bought impulsively. An emblematic example is given when you are in the process of choosing a sofa. We fell in love with the piece and that leads us to see possible what is not advisable for the dimensions of the living room.

In our studio distribution and furniture always go hand in hand . One thing can not be thought without the other. This leads us to ensure in plan and three dimensions the proportions and volumes that will be distributed in the space.

A sofa of too large and underutilized dimensions is very common. Apart from the unnecessary collection of space, it can also be visually heavy, especially when the room is not large.

Another very common mistake is to distribute the furniture very close to each other. There should be a space between 40 and 50 centimeters between them. Prior to your purchase and installation, think about how you can distribute them intelligently to fit your stay perfectly.

In our studio, we opted for custom furniture and sofas in many of our projects. This allows us to adjust to the millimeter the dimensions of each piece to achieve an optimal distribution adapted to the characteristics of the space. The difference is the same as in custom-made dresses or adapting to the usual sizes. The design also allows us to customize the piece in fabrics, materials, colors or finishes.

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Mix too many decorative styles

Another important element to keep in mind during your stay is to start from a global stylistic image. For often, it is with the passage of time that we put different pieces together and on rare occasions we start from a blank canvas where we draw a fully coherent line.
The styles change, we see pieces that fall in love with us and we do not just replace obsolete pieces because they maintain a sentimental value or simply because they are part of the usual scenario and we do not even think about it. There are many occasions when we can easily fall into the error of mixing too many decorative styles or overloading the room.

It is not that all the spaces in your house are identical, but that they have certain decorative elements that relate them. Otherwise, it is advisable not to stay halfway and clearly mark the difference or contrast according to the zoning. In this way, we can have different styles in the same house, but as long as each of the rooms maintains an internal coherence, even in contrast to the adjacent ones. In any case, we recommend starting from a global and coherent image for the entire house and starting from it to stylistically characterize the house, to define the decorative style of the house. Its concretion will mark the style book on which to incorporate new pieces.

In short, a good projection of space, its distribution and elements, as well as decoration is essential. Knowing how to choose the right elements and take advantage of the brightness of the home, will help create a much more clear and elegant space.

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