A shared housing for college students

Let’s get in a situation You are university students and come to live in Barcelona.

Can you imagine sharing a home with 8 peers? Of course, with its own bathroom and spacious common spaces. A kitchen with duplicate sink, fridge, dishwasher, oven and microwave. Different larder cabinets. A great dining table. Spaces for choping on the deck or on the terrace. A multipurpose room where you can share study or play a table game. And another room with a great TV where to see with the classmates the last episode of the series of the moment or the final of the Champions League well-off on the couch. Do you want to go back to study, right?

This scenario is what one of our clients imagined, investing in an old farm in the neighborhood of Gràcia and proposing the reform and interior design project.

Our premise was to think of a project with a youthful and relaxed air with some production costs. In this way, the complication focused on carefully considering the distribution of spaces to find fully functional rooms with a bed, wardrobe, large desk and bathroom. As well as enabling broad social areas that enhance the interrelation between the inhabitants of the housing beyond the establishment of shared liabilities and responsibilities, towards a relationship of fraternal coexistence.

As for the materials, we decided to leave a large part of the work walls, taking advantage of the original pavements and designing custom furniture, with pine wood, for the storage, beds and desks of the rooms and common areas. In this way, we were able to distribute and maximize the available space without having to stick to the sizes of purchase furniture.

The result is a large single-family housing with large social spaces distributed on 4 floors.

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