What are the most common errors in lighting?

Excessive shadows Lights with disturbing ‘theater’ tone. Lighting that depends on just one overhead lamp … are just some of the most common errors when planning and distributing light.
Lighting can turn a cold property into a warm home and even expand, distribute and add new uses to spaces.
In short, lighting is a fundamental articulating element, and therefore, in Coblonal Interior Design Studio in each project we we involve to study light, both natural and artificial and thus make light an organic element that is integrated into each design to add added value.
And as there is no learning without error, today we show you the most common mistakes that we have found when carrying out the design of lighting in our architecture and interior design projects.
We hope our experience will help you evaluate if you have the best lighting for your home.

A light without planning

Can you imagine buying furniture without considering the measures? Something similar happens with light, which is another element when carrying out any architectural and interior design project.
To obtain a good lighting project it is advisable to study the space, as well as natural light.
What are you going to use the space for? What environment or environments would you like to reproduce? How do you need to feel? These are some of the questions that will help you define your lighting objectives.

 modern dining room decoration Sant Just (1)

Decoration and interior design apartment in Sant Just

Natural light, the heart of enlightenment

Natural light is the most important painting bath in a house. Like an invisible paint bath, light accompanies the materials and colors to enhance and soften them at the same time. 100% light programmed with solar time that we can qualify with the use of curtains or blinds or expand with strategically placed mirrors.
Do not take into account the hours of light and where the sun shines the most. Use inappropriate curtains. Painting a room of an inappropriate color in relation to the amount of light it receives are some of the most common mistakes that we should take into account. Our advice is to try to prioritize the hours that we spend the most time at home and the different uses depending on the time of year.

Balance, the basis of everything

An over-light can be strident, as well as entailing an unnecessary expense. The excessive lighting ‘burns’ the nuances in the decoration and details of the home.
On the other hand, a little light favors relaxation when perhaps we should pay attention. In addition, scarce light implies a visual effort that we could save ourselves in many situations.
Studying in advance the points of light related to the different uses, will help you find the perfect balance in lighting. Sometimes it will not be enough to think of a single lighting set, but we must have different scenes either through home automation, dimmable lights or several lamps.

Interior design and execution of an integral house in Montcada i Reixac

A single point of light

A nice central lamp and … are you there? In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we believe that no The solution? Look for props in the central light to create a setting rich in nuances. Often, we prioritize the visual impact of the lamp as a decorative element without thinking in detail about the lighting impact it will provide and the different scenes that we will want to reproduce in that space throughout the year.

Lights and shadows

A truism like that the lights generate shadows, is not so evident in most cases. After all, shadows are visual elements that impact on the image or aesthetics of space. We will have to take them into account at the moment of deciding the implantation of the points of light.
square lamp baix emporda

Interior design and reform integral rustic house in Baix Empordà

Color temperature

Inadequate color temperature distorts the environment, resulting in a decoration that loses its nuances and decaffeinated functionality.
You can find information about color temperature in the light box, at lower value, more warmth and vice versa. We also have different types of lighting that allow you to regulate the temperature of light at the same point of light. This gives us the scope to regulate and adapt the lighting conditions for the occasion and the time of day.

Lamp size and light radius

The incorrect use of the size of the lamps, as well as the radius of light they project, directly affects the perception of the proportion of the rest of the elements. We should not allow ourselves to be led only by the aesthetic impact of the piece but to foresee the light consequences of its disposition in space.
furniture interior design bathroom Casadecor 2011

Interior Design Project Casa Decor 2011 Barcelona

Do not take the environment into account

A waste of light and a lack of planning, besides affecting your pocket, is harmful to the environment. Today, and for all pockets, we have low consumption material and manufactured with materials within the parameters required in respect to the environment.
As you can see, good lighting can be an excellent ally in your home. Or else you can ‘throw down’ in a matter of a click all the effort you’ve put into the interior design and decoration of your home.
We hope that these recommendations will help you to appreciate the light ambience that you have in your home and you can find or the perfect design for your spaces.

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