Advantages and disadvantages of closing the terrace or balcony

Pros and cons of the enclosure of terraces

Many of the terraces of our homes are not well used and the possibility of gaining interior space trying to close them is presented as an option to contemplate.
The terrace is an important space and an indispensable condition for many people. Where to enjoy a small outdoor space, but only serve to lean. A terrace is used to suppose an added value at a functional and aesthetic level. An added value in the form of new possibilities of use and enjoyment of both the terrace itself and the interior.
In the same way, whether due to lack of time, interest or care, the terrace can become an unused space. A small size, the accumulation of objects, inclement weather, accumulated traces of vegetation or dirt resulting from traffic in urban environments, as well as acoustic or other problems demand attention that often does not compensate the benefits.
Therefore, you may consider the possibility of closing this outer space. A decision that we understand is not easy; and today in Coblonal Interior Design Studio we tell you some pros and cons of the enclosure of your terrace, so that make the best decision.

Close or not close, that’s the question

We can close the balcony/terrace, we can leave it open and take advantage or, we can choose an intermediate solution covering a part with slats or awnings.
The pity is that we can not have everything. We would like to enjoy a beautiful gallery covered with vegetation from which to contemplate the exterior through large windows in the cold or bad weather. Without a doubt a tempting option that, however, you can regret when the good weather arrives and you do not have the opportunity to go abroad … so what should you do?
From our perspective, it is very useful to calibrate in advance the pros and cons of each option, knowing that any of the options entail the loss of a series of benefits. Now … everything depends on what you need so that your terrace adapts to your vital rhythm.

Close the terrace to gain more space

The most powerful argument to decide to close your terrace or balcony is to add a few extra meters to the interior of your home. For this, before making any kind of investment or resignation we should be clear if we can redistribute the interior of our home better and gain space with the same available meters without having to do without the terrace.
With the enclosure, you can also create a greenhouse burrow that will be the ‘jewel in the crown’ of your home to enjoy the homey warmth in the winter months.
On the other hand, closing the terrace can help you to greater isolation, and therefore improve the energy efficiency of your home.
Cleaning is an added value, in addition to safety, privacy, and greater acoustic insulation if you live in an urban environment.

What do you renounce with the enclosure?

The consequences of the enclosure are mainly due to a loss of natural light part of your home.
On the other hand, you lose the possibility of using the space for outdoor activities such as gardening, sunbathing, or enjoying a family meal on the terrace.

Interior design for a small attic with a large terrace

An intermediate way

Throughout our architecture and interior design projects we have also encountered this problem, an intermediate solution can be to add an awning or automatic slats to close the terrace, which would allow to maintain some of the benefits of both options.

An intermediate solution in Coblonal: Project of Exteriorism Terrace Apartment in Sant Gervasi

Questions before closing the terrace

When defining any remodeling, the previous issues can be useful to ensure success in the decision, which translates into a home that is adapted to the vital needs. Therefore, before carrying out the closing, you could ask yourself the following:

  • Can we improve the interior layout of our home to gain a sense of space or directly available space and not have to go through the available meters of the terrace?
  • Do the local regulations allow the terrace or balcony to be closed? An important aspect that many people overlook, and is that perhaps the municipal regulation prohibits this type of remodeling.
  • Will the energy efficiency of my home improve?
  • What do I use the terrace for now? What use will I give in the future?
  • What I do not want to give up?
  • Which option provides an added value to the functionality and interior design of my home?
  • Is there a noise problem in my home? Could an enclosure solve it?
  • What will be the main use of the terrace? How will I live it? What moments do I want to spend in it? Do I want to celebrate parties in it? sunbathe? Night or day? What precise level of intimacy? In this sense, it is necessary to consider if the climate helps to develop these activities.

The preparation of a specific briefing can help you obtain clarity about the main use of the space and what benefits we can obtain from this new function of the terrace, either open or closed.
As you can see, problem definition and previous planning are useful in any architecture and interior design project . We hope that this analysis will help you to clarify which option is the most appropriate according to your circumstances.

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