Chair styles for any type of dining room

The chairs of a dining room have to be comfortable, but also aesthetic, since they are a very important element to print a defined style to the dining room.

Choosing the best chairs for dining is not an easy task. You have to take into account different criteria and variants.

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio , we have decorated different dining rooms with chairs of all kinds. You can check it by reviewing the different interior design projects in which we have worked.

To make it easier for you to choose the dining room chairs, we show you below, in your blog for interior design and architecture , a series of tips on this.

How to choose the best chairs for your dining room?

There are two general criteria that you must take into account to choose the best chair for your dining room:


  • Comfort. Comfort should be one of the main factors in choosing a chair. A chair with a good upholstery is usually more comfortable than one without upholstery and more suitable for lunches or dinner with a table.

  • Finishes. The finishing of the chairs is a key element to define the style you want to print to your dining room. For this reason, it is very important to think about the finish that the chair will have, to give it one style or another.

To help us to define even better our filter in the search of the ideal chair for our dining room we can add two more filters that will undoubtedly help us to delimit the search and help us in our choice:


  • With or without armrests . The height of the table, as well as the available space and our taste will determine to a large extent whether our dining chairs will have armrests or not. We should also consider the possibility of going out sideways, if we have little space behind the chairs.

  • Upholstered or upholstered. Sitting directly on wood, metal or plastic or, on quilted fabric, leather, rope or other materials, directly affects the comfort provided. In any case, there are multiple factors that will help us decide: will easy cleaning be necessary? More usual room temperature? Will they be used intensively? If we know that there will be small children who eat in or near them or if we look for chairs for a restaurant with high turnover of diners we will have more clear how to proceed.

Most prominent dining chair styles

We show you, below, different styles of chairs that we have used in our projects. Beyond mentioning the Windsor style chairs, Parson chairs or Ladderback chairs, we will try to offer you some concrete models that we have used in our projects.

BD Showtime in Andorra

Perhaps this is one of the most iconic images of our work. A project where wood has a fundamental role. In this way, the dining table is located behind a wooden panel that has a bench on one side and on the other, three fantastic Showtime chairs designed by Jaime Hayon for beech BD upholstered in red, with armrests and metal legs of skate type structure. A piece called to be a standard of multiple faces within the design chairs.

decoration -comedor-Andorra

Interior Design Project and comprehensive apartment reform in Andorra


BOB de Ondarreta in Barcelona

For this project of high sobriety and purity in its lines, we chose to propose a chair without armrests made of wood and with the upper part covered in dark leather. A model that we love for its simplicity but great beauty thanks in large part to its design in wood. It is a model that we love and that works almost like a joker with multiple finishes that fits almost everywhere. It is about the Bob chair of Ondarreta.

Interior design and decoration family floor in Barcelona


Flow Slim by MDF Italia

At the other extreme we propose the Flow Slim model by MDF Italia in bright black with upholstery in beige houndstooth. A conference chair style with high impact and visual weight that is easily recognizable by its shape although we can have multiple options of upholstery, color in the seat and different types of legs. In the apartment that we furnished in Sarrià, the choice of color and finish makes up a set of high solidity and comfort.

Interior design and decoration project in Sarrià


Panton de Vitra.

Another emblematic piece that we have used in some of our projects is the Vitra Panton model. An iconic piece of molded plastic and great comfort. Despite the white color, its plastic material facilitates its cleaning and makes it a design piece that coexists perfectly with children at home. In this case, we use the reissue that Vitra produced since 1999, faithfully following Verner Panton’s original design in the 60s. It is then a vintage model, a pop icon, that fits perfectly in modern environments and scenes of more classic furniture thanks to its rounded and serpentine shape of great elegance.

 modern dining room decoration Sant Just (1)

Decoration and Interior Design apartment in Sant Just


A56 PERFORÉ from TOLIX brand

Tolix model A56 is a very used piece in the world of restoration. A metal piece with a half-rested and armrest that offers a high resistance and a modern and carefree look. In the apartment that we designed and reformed in the Galvany neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​we chose the Perforé model in order to give a certain lightness and allow the light to pass through the chairs, in addition to giving a sophisticated touch to the piece in a color similar to the black iron that characterizes the structures and reinforcements added to the room. Another classic that fits well in many spaces.

Modern apartment interior design and industrial in Gracia


Selected pieces in our ongoing projects

We finished our entry anticipating a future second edition of this entry as a result of the chair models that we have already commissioned for two of our ongoing projects.

In the first of them, for an apartment in Ciutat Vella in Barcelona we will use the Ferm Living chairs by Herman Chair in different colors. We are already looking forward to see how they will be in that space. In the second, of great importance, we can name up to three different models of dining chairs for three different spaces. Two indoor and one outdoor. These are the Jazz Chair models by Pedrali and Beetle Chair by Gubi on the one hand, and the Bitta model by Kettal on the outside.

We hope that in a few weeks you can enjoy the photographs of these new spaces that we have designed and are producing for our clients.

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