At Coblonal, an interior design studio in Barcelona, ​​we would like to advise you on which fireplace to choose according to the type of home you have.

Currently you can find fireplaces of all kinds: gas fireplaces, traditional wood fireplaces, brick or stone fireplaces, electric fireplaces, or sustainable fireplaces, such as pellet or bioethanol fireplaces, which allow us to enjoy the heat of the fire safely. and high performance. So it is normal that you are wondering which fireplace to choose.

And it is that the most comfortable way to warm up when you arrive at your house in the winter months, is, without a doubt, a wood-burning fireplace, like the ones before, authentic fireplaces with charm, to be able to enjoy the heat that its fire while reading a book, or enjoying a hot drink, and you feel that your home becomes a more welcoming and warm place thanks to this traditional element.

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Although in today’s houses there are usually no chimneys since to heat them other systems are opted for such as centralized gas heating, electric stoves, heat pumps … Perhaps because they seem to be safer or more profitable, but each time It is more frequent than in interior design and decoration projects it is an essential requirement to add a wood-burning fireplace or a sustainable fireplace and turn the classic rustic fireplace of all life into a functional piece of furniture, which is also a decorative element in the stay where it is located.


We know that the effect that a traditional fireplace causes on people makes you stay mesmerized looking at the flames of the fire and listening to the crackle of the wood as it burns … That is why fireplaces have been modernized and used, in addition to efficiently and safely heat the room where they are located, to decorate any room in a house, providing elegance, glamor and a sophisticated style in its decoration.

The most popular fireplaces are sustainable or high-performance ones, but traditional wood fireplaces are also popular:

Bioethanol or bioalcohol fireplaces

Also known as bio-fireplaces, it is one of the most popular fireplace models since they add charm, are a decoration trend in recent years, heat an entire house efficiently, and have the advantage of being able to be installed both inside houses as outside, as a point of heat and decoration outside.

Pellet or biomass chimneys

They are the latest in fireplaces since they respect the environment to the maximum (the pellets are made from concentrated wood with residues of plant origin: pruning remains, harvest remains, recycled wood, etc.). If you are wondering which fireplace to choose, this is an option to take into account without a doubt. They are very efficient as they recover the residual heat from the escaping smoke and use it to generate more heat. The temperature and power of this model of fireplace can be regulated, and the heat is produced by a large deposit of pellets, which provide this fireplace with a great autonomy of operation.

Wood burning fireplaces

They are the classics of a lifetime, those in which you have to sit close to receive the heat, but without being in front of the fire because then you receive the heat excessively. The quality of the firewood greatly influences the heat, and the higher the quality of the firewood, the less smoke will be distributed inside your house, and the better the heat will be distributed.

In addition, the firewood can be used as a decorative element in the whole fireplace, so that the logs are stacked giving balance and sobriety to the fireplace.


In interior decoration there are different styles of fireplaces.

If you are thinking of installing a fireplace in your home and you are clear about which fireplace to choose (wood-burning fireplace, pellet fireplace, or bioethanol fireplace …) but you don’t know what style your fireplace should have to match your home decor You can consider any of these styles, to see that there is not only the traditional model:

Central chimney

The space where the fireplace is located will be largely dimensioned, since being located in the center of the room cannot have furniture nearby or circulate around the fireplace, to avoid burns in the case of accidental contact with it. They combine very well with the minimalist decoration style, due to its clean and simple lines.

Wall fireplace

They do not need a large surface as they are located next to a wall or in a corner formed by two walls. They transmit a pleasant corner and you approach it to sit in front of it to enjoy the fire …

interiorismo salon con chimenea de piedra Andorra

Built-in or built-in fireplaces

They are perfectly integrated into the wall as if it were a painting (it can be decorated by framing it with a frame) and therefore do not take up space; It is very important to check that the wall you choose to install a built-in fireplace has no trace of water or gas pipes, or electrical wires because the heat that the fireplace will give off could damage them or they could break during installation.

Double-sided fireplaces

They are the ideal solution to separate two rooms so that the fire can be viewed from both rooms; therefore they can be used in the center of a room or living room, or if it is a three-sided fireplace, embedded in a wall … Both types of fireplaces combine with a modern decoration style.

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Now you know all the information about which fireplace to choose and how to combine it with all its surroundings. In addition, at Coblonal we have at your disposal a professional interior design team that is available for whatever you need. Get in touch with us and we will assist you without any kind of commitment.

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