How do you create the ideal lighting atmosphere?

In the first place, promoting the use of natural light and opening the bedroom to daylight.
Filter curtains of a medium or low weight, shutters or blinds can be used to sift it. It is important to avoid the widespread use of having a light point just above the bed and to have light points embedded in the ceiling, (the less the better) only where they are really needed, such as in closet areas.

For a night scene, it will be necessary to resort to lighting that creates an atmosphere and gradually reduce the amount of light before it is time to sleep.

You can use the traditional table lamps or bet on a more interesting option such as hanging ambient lamps that have a more sculptural appearance.

Another interesting element that can be included in a night scene (especially for book lovers) are discreet dirigible reading sconces. We usually find them in many hotels, but at home, it is usually a forgotten element.

Finally, LED strips, as long as we do not see the point of light, can also create degraded lighting with very interesting baths of light. They can be applied both to the interior of wardrobes, headboards or curtain rods.

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