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The installation of radiators in your home can bring you more of a headache, as these are usually seen as coarse and inelegant elements that end the decorative harmony of your stay. However, today, there are design radiators that will help you maintain aesthetics in the space where you decide to install it.

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The radiator as a decorative and design element

From design water radiators, design vertical radiators and even design electric radiators. Today, the options are endless when installing a radiator without altering the elegance or spoiling the aesthetic factor of your home.

Within this wide offer, we can find all kinds of radiators, of all kinds of designs, colors and / or models. Some more classic and others more modern or retro. In addition, these elements are usually very versatile, as they adapt perfectly to our design preferences for our stay.

The radiator does not have to be an element that separates with the rest of your home. You can choose from a large number of shapes, colors, sizes and designs. In the same way, you can also opt for the installation of towel rails in one of your rooms, such as in the bathroom, also with designs and forms of the most original and artistic.

Best of all, this type of radiator can easily be replaced by old ones, often without the need for construction.

Choose a design radiator

Despite the ease of installation, there are some factors that you should consider before choosing a design radiator for your stay or your home.

The place of installation

Before installing a radiator at home, whether it is design or not, it is important that you think about where you will place it. Depending on whether you want more comfort or beauty for your stay, you must consider two factors:

First of all, you have to think about providing adequate air conditioning to the space and, therefore, it is best to place the radiators in the coldest areas of each room.

Secondly, aesthetics play a very important role, because if you want to install a design radiator that matches the room, it should be converted into a key element of the decoration.

Thus, if what you want is to highlight the aesthetic aspect over comfort, you must choose those places where it best matches the decoration of your home.


Although your intention is to combine your radiator to the maximum with your space, it is important to take into account the usefulness that you are going to give it, because you must think that the ultimate function of the radiator is to air condition the room.

Thus, it is recommended that you consider not only the decorative factor, but its practical utility.

That is why the towel radiators are, in many cases, the best option when it comes to air-conditioning rooms such as your bathroom, because there are an infinite number of designs that will allow you to play with them and ensure comfort in a stay as important as the bathroom.

Also, in many occasions the radiators can also become suitable elements to separate rooms, as happens with the radiators that serve as a screen, for example.


Another key aspect when choosing a design radiator is the material of which it is made. You can choose it from brass, copper, ceramic or stainless steel, depending on the qualities you are looking for.

You must put efficiency and elegance on a balance, taking into account that it not only serves to choose an aesthetically beautiful material but also must heat properly.

Generally, aluminum is usually the most efficient material that heats the home more quickly. Both this and stainless steel are the easiest materials to clean.

Style and size

Last but not least, you should think about the space you have and the size of the radiator you need to install. Also, the style is what will allow the radiator to go according to the design of your room and all the elements that make it up.

In this way, the materials and style of the radiator you choose should comply with the style guidelines of the home.

In Coblonal you can be inspired by the interior design projects we have worked on. If you need advice on installing design radiators in your home, contact us and we will help you build your idea.

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