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The color is one of the most important elements of a home to contemplate from interior design and decoration. And, for this reason, if you want to add a rustic touch to your stay you can do it by taking care of the predominant color range on walls, floors and furniture.
In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have worked in different projects of interior design in which a rustic touch stands out where the use of color is decisive.
From these works, we present, below, a series of suggestions to ensure that your home has a rustic appearance with the appropriate use of color.
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The colors of the rustic style

The simple choice of color already achieves a rustic touch. For this reason, it is very important to know those colors that print a rural air to the environment.

Brown color

The main color of the rustic style is brown in all its varieties. And it is that the materials of this decorative style are wood, earth, stone in which nature is specified in a wide range of brownish tones.
Brown is one of the colors that most evoke a rural environment. Either in lighter or darker shades, it is the basis on which to have other colors in contrast. While the light tones call for freshness and light, the dark tones call for elegance and solidity. Likewise, the perception of space diminishes in dark environments and expands in light colors.
In small spaces, then, it is advisable to use light tones. In this way, there will be more space sensation and you will increase the luminosity of the environment. You can also combine light brown tones with a darker contrast tone for the definition of profiles and volumes.

Earth color, green and neutral

Apart from brown, other colors that evoke a rustic style are reminiscent of the countryside and nature.

In this sense, the colors that transmit these sensations in a decoration of an interior space are earth, green and neutral colors. Inside the earth color the red one would fit, the green one, the pistachio and inside the neutral one, the beige one.
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Tile colors

Another hue that in an interior space evokes a rural and rustic environment is related to the color tile. In other words, those mixtures of red and brown. These two pigments are, in addition to the previous tonalities that we have commented in this article, a good option to print a rural air to the room.
However, if you decide to include tile colors in your home to give a more rustic touch to it, try to combine them with more neutral colors. In this way, you will have less impact reddish tonality in your mood. Remember that red and its derivatives can transmit nervousness. A good color to reduce the intensity of red may be light gray. This tonality also evokes the stones of the field.

The blue and the Mediterranean

The inclusion of elements of furniture, paintings or tiles of blue color print a very Mediterranean contrast that fits the very well with the tonalities mentioned and brings us closer to the sea.
While it is true, we are very aware of the contrast between white and blue for the idyllic coastal populations present in much of the Mediterranean. Blue also has a good fit in more earthy scenarios. The reminiscence of the sea always helps. Even when this blue note is given by a fantastic pool.

Bring color with the materials and not so much with the paint

Nature is the purest environment there is and it is a space that is admirable because it is beautiful and because it exists without human intervention. So, if you want to decorate your home by printing a rustic touch, what you should do is to bring these colors that we have discussed in this article through the different materials that are in the space: wood, stone, tile, etc. Avoiding any artificial scene and recreating the spontaneity of nature.

Painting is a great decorative element, but perhaps it fits better in other more modern and contemporary styles. On the other hand, for a rustic setting the stone walls are the star surface, together with the wooden floors, natural stone, tiles or wooden furniture with coarse textures.

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