Give a rustic style to an urban apartment

Having a flat in the city does not mean you have to give up the feelings of a quiet country life. You can bring the best of a rural house to your home if you follow some simple decorating tips.

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have decorated different urban apartments with a rustic style. From this experience, we suggest ideas so you can do the same with your urban home.

Get inspired, then, at your architecture and interior design blog with the most outstanding ideas to print a rustic air to your urban floor.

Give prominence to wood

One of the things that you have to have clear when you decide to print a rustic air to your urban apartment is that the wood will have to be the star of any room. If your floor has wooden beams, paint them with varnish or with a paint that enhances its texture. Wood is a basic element of nature and one of the materials that can connect you better with the natural environment.

Interior design and housing reform in Sant Cugat

Focus the rustic decoration on a key piece

If you simply want to print a rustic brushstroke to your city apartment, then choose the element you want to decant the country style decoration of your home. You can choose a dining table, a shelf, a piece of furniture for the dishes, etc. And above all a piece of furniture that is coarse and thick.

Warm light

Lighting also distinguishes a rural dwelling from one that is not. For this reason, if you want to give a rustic look to your home you should use a lamp suitable for the rustic style you want to give the house. Hanging lamps are those that best identify with the rural style.


Introduce wooden elements in the bathroom

The use of natural colors with elements of natural wood in the bathroom, properly treated, facilitate the recreation of an intimate space where the organic prevails over the aseptic and cold of many bathrooms.


Use flowers and vegetation

Rustic decoration involves connecting space with nature and the best way to do this is by including many flowers and plants in your home. Decorate, for example, the dining table with a bouquet of flowers and the living room with a plant to bring freshness and natural style to your home.

Exterior design for a patio in the neighborhood of Farró de Barcelona

Recycled antiquarian furniture

In all home decoration is always good to give a personal touch. For this the best thing is to visit the house of the grandmother of the town and ask for some instruments from the field that you no longer use to restore them and incorporate them into your house as a decoration. You can also go to an antique shop and get some pieces that you can integrate with the decoration of your stay.

Interior design and home decoration in Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

A fireplace is the base of a rural house

The chimneys are an almost essential element of the rural houses, since in isolated environments without access to the natural gas network is a key instrument to provide the home with the comfort temperature necessary to spend the winter warm. In the cities they have become an important decorative element for a neorural house.

decoracion salon chimenea Balmes

Interior design, decoration and attic reform in Sant Gervasi

Wooden floors

Wooden floors such as parquet floors are the option that is now most used to give a rustic style to an urban floor. Nordic parquets with light colors are a great option. It is also a good idea to recover old parquets by decapitating them and eliminating the varnishes to leave the pure woods.

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