How to choose the right materials for the bathroom?

The combination of materials in the bathroom
The bathroom is positioned as a room that gains weight when planning a remodeling.
And like everything architecture and interior design project , planning is part of the process to achieve the desired objectives.
In this sense, the choice of materials for the bathroom is a real challenge because, due to the special conditions of this room, it is necessary to choose a variety of materials for the different dimensions of the bathroom.
A few dimensions formed by the roof, the floor, the walls, the toilets and even the furniture, both decorative and functional.
Therefore, the choice of materials has a practical dimension that, combined with the aesthetic intention, results in a successful bathroom remodeling project. Today in Coblonal Interiorismo, we give you some keys based on our experience, so that you can choose the right combination of materials.

Interior design and apartment decoration in Andorra

Study the conditions of the bathroom

To carry out a successful remodeling, we recommend a previous planning, so you will know what are the factors that you have in your hand to reach your goal.
Conditions that include the humidity that is concentrated in the bathroom, which will depend on the size of the room, as well as if it has abundant natural lighting or if the sun affects directly.
Is the bathroom facing south? Does it have windows? Does it take a long time to dissipate the humidity? These are some of the questions that can help you when choosing the materials for your bathroom.
Taking these conditions into account can help you to know if the chosen materials can hold them, which will optimize the duration and performance of the materials.

Impermeability of materials

Another aspect of the materials is impermeability both in the floor, as walls or ceiling.
In this sense, porcelain fulfills this function, as well as being an elegant and aesthetic element for the bathroom. As an example, the project we carried out in interior design and production of bathroom of the Presidential Suite at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I hotel.
We set out to avoid the usual sequence: distribution-materials, and do it together. In this sense, the choice of large-format porcelain pieces inspired by the portoro black and calacatta white marble, gave us the solutions we needed. These pieces offer great strength and versatility, especially indicated for this type of site and the beauty of natural stone.

Interior design and bathroom production of the Presidential Suite at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I hotel

In this case, we thought it convenient that the conjunction of a functional distribution with a correct selection of materials would be the good way to develop the project of interior design .

Straight flush in materials

Following the storyline of the previous example, the distribution-material can help you find the keys to choose the right materials. Thus, the more technical side of the conditions merges with the more decorative aesthetic aspect, where the material-distribution-aesthetic triad provides interesting keys to solve a project.
In this way, a correct balance between the colors, texture and finish of the materials will bring a visual harmony, although there are elements of contrast.

An example of this is the project that we carry out in a modern and industrial apartment in Gracia -lower photo- , where the finishing of the materials provides a very personal combination in the bathroom,
Thus, the natural wood envelope of the shelf, the brick of the wall and the polished finish of the countertop contrast in a harmonious way. As a distinctive feature, the natural finish sink provides an original approach.

Project of interior design and architecture in a Modern and industrial apartment in Gracia

As you can see, planning both technically and aesthetically can help you find the right materials, and thus design a resistant bathroom that adapts to your lifestyle.

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