Ideas for dressing an autumn table

Autumn also comes to your table

Autumn is a time of recollection, where the light of summer gives way to home warmth.

The hours of light are scarce and the warm colors of nature invite you to spend more time at home, so this time is an excellent time to enjoy the closest ones. Gathering all around a table to celebrate a meal or a dinner, is one of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of this season.

In autumn, the leaves of the trees fall. Metaphorically, the trees detach from the old to let out the new. So it is a moment of change, almost crepuscular, but that does not stop having its charm. Today in Coblonal Interior Design we tell you some ideas to decorate your table with an elegant look inspired by the fall. Do not miss it.

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How to decorate a table with autumn look?

Colors and decoration accompany feelings and sensations. Thus, autumn presents itself with a bucolic soul, and rustic details are presented as the ideal complement for this time of year. Of course, the same elements do not fit equally to all bases or styles. In the same way that we do not dress the same all year, nor do we fit all kinds of accessories; our decorative proposal will be contextualized by the moment and by the base style of the set, the character of the space itself.

In this sense, we will not find a single formula to hit the autumn touch, but we offer you certain details in the key of rustic melancholy that enhances the range of colors to match the warm autumn lights.

An example of the details? Wood, centerpieces with bouquets of wheat and seasonal flowers and berries to decorate your table.

The base can be the color of the crockery, cutlery or tablecloth in a palette of colors that represent, for example, seasonal fruits.

Authentic minimalism key style

Choosing a base in a neutral tone such as gray or cream makes an ideal canvas to add the details of color with autumnal soul.

Thus, a geometric and minimalist cutlery creates an interesting contrast with a rustic center, for example. The elegance of minimalism thus has its accent on the rustic textures of autumn.

Colors of the Pantone range

If you need inspiration for the canvas of your table, we propose the following range of colors that the Pantone Institute proposes for fall/winter 2018:

In this way, the most representative shades of autumn are dressed with other less obvious such as the Navy Blue or the Pink Ballet Slipper.

Details: rural rustic nature and seasonal nature

The decoration of a table is an exercise of creativity, and also of personal taste.

Therefore, in Coblonal Interior Design Studio we prefer to provide you some inspiration so that you let your most personal imagination fly. Once said that, the most basic – and primary – essence of autumn is found in seasonal fruits, flowers and berries.

The orange cauldron of the seasonal pumpkins or the wooden texture of the chestnuts can be added in decorative details.

Dry leaves and seasonal flowers such as chrysanthemums or dahlias can be used to create an organic and natural napkin holder.

In this autumnal setting, we propose you to use underplates with a copper or golden finish, it can be an interesting element in conjunction with rustic textures and crockery with geometric lines.

If you are lucky enough to live near the field, you can go for a walk and pick flowers or whatever you can add to your table and do yourself. An original and very personal touch that your guests will not forget.

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Another option that favors the recreation of a twilight or aged environment, is the use of vintage pieces in the decoration. We can locate specific pieces, even if they are not present all year round, that help to have an autumnal atmosphere in your dining room.

Do you want to go further? The aromas can be an ally and part of the decoration. Sandalwood, orange or cinnamon to evoke the autumnal relax.

As you can see, autumn, far from being a ‘sad’ season, can be celebrated and enjoyed with its home-like warmth thanks to an autumnal table. Hopefully this post will help you find the inspiration you need.


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