Interior design for small apartments

If you live in an apartment or a small studio or want to take advantage of the space of a small room, we show you in this article some ideas of interior design and decoration for small apartments. And it is not necessary to have a large apartment or a multi-storey house to show off a first-class interior .

In Coblonal Interior Design we have worked in different interior decoration projects for small spaces. From this accumulated experience, we can offer you some suggestions to get the best result without cramming your interior.

Interior design for a small attic with a wide terrace

Decorating ideas for small apartments

Open space

If we have the opportunity to throw partitions and open space in a social area that includes living room, dining room and open kitchen. We will obtain a large space that we can distribute using pieces of furniture. If we do not have this option, we should maximize the interior architecture by rationalizing the elements from the use and with a thoughtful choice and arrangement of elements.

Create zones for different activities

Separate the different areas of the same space according to the needs they cover. Divide the largest rooms of the apartment in a zone for work-study, to watch TV and to eat and so you will have in a single space, a place to work, a leisure space and a space to eat.

Use larger furniture

Although it may seem like something contradictory, in a small home space furniture offers more space than small ones. In this sense, you will want to put in an apartment of small dimensions an accurate selection of large furniture, instead of many small furniture.

Uses parts for different purposes

One of the keys to take advantage of the space in a small apartment is to use furniture and elements that can fulfill more than one function. Also, the most recommended in a floor of reduced dimensions are the dining tables that can work as desks, a sofa bed and cubes that can serve as a table for tea or extra seats for guests. Our star proposal are pieces of furniture designed as they distribute the space, store and provide different functionalities in each of their faces. You can track them in the vast majority of our projects.

Think vertical

Many times a small floor is a few meters wide, but many high. Take advantage of the height of the ceiling to place shelves and furniture that allow you to store instruments and items that you use little in your day to day. Also, taking advantage of the vertical space with bookshelves and shelves will make the room look taller than it really is and have more space. Yes, try to fill everything and let the walls breathe.

Reduces the size of the dining table

When we have little space we must rationalize the choice of furniture pieces better taking into account their daily use. The dining table is one of the candidates that we must take into account. If we only receive guests at home exceptionally, you can place a small round table in this room. And the small round tables are not exclusive to kitchens. They can also fit very well in the dining room to make you gain meters. On the other hand, if we like to host visits for dinners or meals, there are numerous drop-down tables that can serve us. Although we love the dining tables of generous dimensions and one piece, we must bear in mind that facilitating a good circulation helps to gain feeling of space.

Hang a wall desk

Take advantage of a corner of the dining room to place a small desk on the wall and thus gain a few meters. It can also be a good option, embed a desk to the wall, no need to hang it. In this way, you will endow your stay with a work and leisure space with an excellent computer, without taking up much space.

Trick your eye with decoration tricks

A classic way to increase the feeling of space of a home is to place mirrors. And it is that these elements increase the perception of space in a room. They make it appear that there is more space, that there is more ventilation and less overload of elements in the room. Although it is never the same, it is like opening an additional window. In this sense we must take into account what is going to be reflected. If possible, always facing the balcony or outside window to reflect both its light and the exterior itself.

Interior design for an apartment in the Gràcia district

Having a good interior design in an apartment of small dimensions is not impossible, simply requires sharpening the wit and follow certain guidelines to maximize the feeling of space and enjoy all the comforts with the utmost style.

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