Keys to use natural light

The use of natural light in indoor spaces has a lot of benefits. It can increase the productivity and comfort of the occupants, provide visual stimulation, increase mood and even drastically reduce energy costs.

For this reason, it is very important to design the interior of a home with the objective of maximizing the benefits of sunlight.

In Coblonal Interior Design we address all our projects trying to take advantage of the best way the options that natural light gives us.

Based on the designs made in these projects , we will show you, in your blog of interior design and architecture , all you have to keep in mind to use natural light to improve your home’s well-being.

Elements to take advantage of natural light

These are the main elements that will help you increase the lighting level of your cabin, regardless of the artificial light that you can install.

The windows

A window is the basic element for the entrance of natural light to a home. Ideally, we all would open large windows in strategic areas of the house that flood it with natural light. Unfortunately, in most cases we do not have this possibility, given the restrictions on the modifications of the pre-existing facades, or the orientation of our house or the floor in which our apartment is located. Perhaps the raw material from which we start is not optimal. We can not move our building to look for a better orientation, nor can we rise the floor our appartment is located or demolish the building in front. In these cases, we must take advantage of the light that we have available, with smart distribution and optimal resources in the different openings that we have and for which the Sun’s rays come in some way.

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Decoration and Interior Design in Sant Just

If you live in an attic and you can open a skylight on the ceiling, do not hesitate to do it. It is one of the best ways to give mass entry to natural light. There are also triforium windows. Windows on the top of a wall that are well above the level of the eyes. Historically, triforium windows were used in churches, but today they are common elements in efficient buildings. But as we have said, these changes are often difficult to perform if we do not have the option to design the house from scratch.

At the time of thinking about a better distribution of the spaces of a home, it is essential to take into account the orientation of the house with respect to the solar path and, in this way, the different light inputs that occur during the day and its variation during the different seasons of the year. In general terms, the South and West slope is the most common one to place the zone of day and the north and the west by the zone at night. Of equal importance is to know the uses of the house. At what time do you get used to staying at home? Do we prioritize the day to day or the weekend? and in their function to finish strengthening the internal distribution of spaces. Basically, the situation in the daytime area and the night area of ​​the house will be marked by natural light and enhanced by uses.


A correct choice of color that will dominate your apartment will increase the lighting of the room. To do this, we should not only take into account the color of the walls, but also the pavement and the different elements present in the rooms placers and furniture.
In general, light colors will help to better spread the light, reflecting the clarity. Anyway, if we opt for a shade of the darkest furniture, it can help us opt for bright finishes.

Interior design and renovation of a home in Sant Cugat


However, if we are lucky enough to have natural light, in no case it will be a good option to let the light come in at all times. On many occasions, excess light can be a problem. That is why we emphasize the role played by textiles in the enlightenment of natural light in the interior. From the filter to the lock, curtains and fabrics in windows are a key element to literally dress the home with light. As you can deduce, if we look for the blockade we must choose to dress the window with a thick tissue. On the contrary, if we want to clarify we will look for lighter and airy fabrics. In this way, the room of natural light will be filled and at the same time, it will provide privacy. To create a more luxurious environment, the use of silks or tactile fabrics with metallic accents will reflect light in varying degrees throughout the day.

Interior design and reform Nordic inspired apartment in Andorra

The use of fabrics in other parts of the room can be a good way to play with light and shadow. In this way, a good combination of fabrics will accentuate the areas of the house that we want more illuminated than those that do not create an attractive aesthetic effect selectively as we wish.

Decorative accessories

Reflective surfaces are an excellent way to maximize natural light in a home and can be a fun way to do it.

Alternatively, the strategic location of a mirror in front of a window can improve the sensation of natural light. This not only increases the sensation of space and sunlight, but can also reflect a beautiful view. Glass doors in a small hallway, for example, allow the light to flow freely from one room to another, not just by improving sunlight but also by turning a dark and inhospitable hallway into a cozy lobby.

So far, some resources to take advantage of the natural light that comes to our homes, whether it’s much or little.

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