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Order at home is an inherent concern of the human species. From very old we found treaties to maintain an orderly home. In imperial China, the nobles used Feng shui to charge the spaces with positive energy, through an adequate distribution of them.

This philosophical discipline of Taoist origin believes in the conscious and harmonious occupation of space to get it to positively influence people who are inside. From small changes in the arrangement of furniture and decoration elements, energy can be renewed and comfort and well-being increased.

From interior design there are different ways to bring order to your home.

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Tricks to put some order at home

Discover how you can better organize your home and thus increase comfort:

1.- 30 centimeters are enough

A closet that is about 30 centimeters deep is usually enough to have coats and street clothes neatly arranged in a hall closet. In this space fit the raincoats and the various accessories such as foulards, scarves, gloves or hats.

2.- Create compartments

The boxes are an excellent resource to distribute the space and to store the objects and accessories of your home in an organized and decorative way. So are the dividers that you can place on shelves, cabinets and drawers to make subdivisions.

3.- Living room tables with drawers and / or storage compartments

It is an ideal option to keep hidden and in view of all contents that are not usually used. So you will have the most tidy room without small tangles in the middle that visually make the space smaller.

4. Seats with storage

The seats that incorporate cavities to store objects are a trend. Sofas or similar that include a space to store whatever you want. More frequently, we find rooms with puffs that hide a storage space inside. In addition to offering storage, they provide a lot of versatility, since they can be placed at the foot of the sofa to stretch the legs and rest or use as a seat for guests.

5.- Avoid excess cushions

Many cushions on the sofa print a feeling of chaos in the living room. Two are enough to decorate the sofa without stress. Try placing one at one end and the other at the other end to bring balance to the scene. In a triplet, wider, you can try to place three cushions.

6.- The bookstore would have to breathe

Unless you are a devouring books or a researcher of classical literature or ancient history, it is increasingly difficult to let books in the bookstore breathe with seedlings or other decorative details. If not, the library will always be more chaotic.

With these tips you will bring a little more order to your home and increase your well-being. And is that order and cleanliness in the home is vital to feel good and comfortable at home.

But well-being will not only bring you to keep your home in order, it will also give you order in your closet. It is of little use that on the outside everything is unpolluted if each drawer and each shelf is a tangle.

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How to organize a closet?

To organize cabinets and obtain a satisfactory result we suggest the following:

  • Open storage An excellent way to have everything in sight and ready to use when necessary.  
  • Bedside table with drawers. Including a bedside table with drawers will free the small clothes closet such as socks and underwear that can bring more chaos.  
  • Transparent boxes for shoes. To keep a closet with shoes tidy, nothing like getting clear boxes and see what they hide from outside.

The order and cleanliness of the home are necessary to make better use of the space and to live in a healthier place.

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