Outdoor furniture for your terrace or balcony

The outdoor furniture for terrace or balcony as well as comfortable and beautiful have to be useful and functional. They should allow, for example, to keep the cushions so that they do not spoil due to weather conditions or facilitate cleaning tasks.

The dust, the mud of the rain, the leaves or the defecations of the birds are elements that you have to contemplate also when designing or proposing outdoor furniture. To do this, having a small storage space for cushions and textile elements makes us have a lot of livestock.

However, this warehouse should be provided for in the arrangement of the spaces and should not be a provisional addition that breaks the visual harmony.

On the other hand, materials that have good weathering must be used. You will have to have assumed that they will not last forever even if you take care of them and renew them with wood and metal varnishes or cover them with plastic materials. In any case, enjoying the outside requires some dedication and care of both the furniture and, of course, the existing pavements and vegetation.

interiorismo- pequeno-atico
Interior design for a small penthouse with large terrace (Barcelona)

Use a wall for storage

When you use an entire wall of your garden for storage furniture you generate a visual effect of continuity. This eliminates the feeling that there are furniture in between that make the space smaller. Instead, you see the area as if it were one more wall and therefore you lose some use surface. This may or may not be a problem depending on the dimensions of the surface.

In this way, if you have a small terrace or a balcony and want to store everything that does not fit inside your house, it is best to install a closet that measures the same as the wall.

Use benches and seats as extra storage

Take advantage of all the furniture you can for storage. So, if you put a bench or stool, think that it has enough space to store enough items inside.

The most suitable benches for this purpose are those that have a seat that acts as a cover for a lower storage space.

 Sant Gervasi terrace exterior interior furniture
Terrace in a renovated attic in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi

What materials to use on the terrace or balcony?


Wood will bring a lot of warmth to your outdoor space and will bring naturalness to it. The best wood to use on floors and furniture of balconies and terraces is teak, robinia or acacia.

To take care of this material and prevent it from deteriorating as much as possible, you should apply teak oil or a lasur twice a year. Clean the wood with water and neutral soap.

Exterior design for a patio in the Farró neighborhood of Barcelona

Natural fiber

Furniture that is made with natural fiber provides an interesting and elegant artisanal look. In addition, they transmit lightness and are very aesthetic.

Natural fibers fit with many decorative styles. Any of them, both wicker, rattan, bamboo, etc.

To preserve the furniture of natural fibers longer in the best conditions, use colorless varnish. To clean them, remove the dust with a handheld vacuum cleaner and wash them with a brush and salt water.

Performs regular maintenance of the joints. Place some tail if necessary.


To extend the life of natural fiber furniture, it is best to cover them when you are not using them.

Steel furniture is the one that resists the passage of time better. Instead, aluminum ones are available in more finishes. On the other hand, forging and iron are ideal for rustic environments.

If you want to recover the brightness of aluminum, you will have to use vinegar. Do not use abrasive products. Wash the steel and aluminum with soap and water.

garden decoration Montcada 2
Set of outdoor furniture in garden in Montcada

Synthetic fiber

The furniture that is manufactured with this material offers a great resistance and are cheaper than those of natural fibers. In addition, they are available in more colors, finishes and designs.

The main drawback of this material is that if you do not dry the water, marks may appear on the surface.

To clean them, we recommend using soap and water if they are made with resins or plastics. And use vinegar for stubborn stains.

Natural fiber furniture can also be painted with spray paint to recover the color if they are lost due to the sun’s rays.

 outdoor decoration garden furniture Emporda Jafre
Garden set in Jafre

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