Play with the distribution to take better advantage of the space of a bedroom

Although most of the time we spend in the bedroom is asleep, it is important that it be a balanced and well-distributed space. With a few simple changes in the bedroom layout , you can get a very different room.

Is order a great ally of space?

Surely, you will have noticed that large houses do not have to be the ones that make the most of space. There are houses that have a large size, but that miss the space. And it is that, usually, of the need arise the virtues.

Indeed, small houses have more need of space and this is where you have to play more with the distribution to get a better game of space. However, if a large house is not distributed well, space is not used either.

The key to correctly distributing a space would be order. Surely you will remember that after ordering a room there seems to be more space. As if by magic, where it seemed that nothing could fit, things start to fit. Things of order.

How to distribute a bedroom to have more space?

Bedrooms without cupboards

Resorting to an open cupboard at the top will help us gain visual amplitude if we do not have a lot of space or option for a built-in closet. In addition we can take advantage of the hanging rail as ambient light, that’s right, we should not saturate clothes hanger bar. The classic vertical wardrobe is not always the best option to obtain a good distribution. The possibility of designing and producing customized pieces is usually the best option to make the most of space in a global aesthetic proposal.

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Bedrooms without doors

If the conditions of privacy allow it, thinking of a bedroom without doors, or with integrable sliding doors, allows us to gain useful surface thanks to contact with adjacent spaces and to understand the whole as a multifunctional space. The furniture itself can function as a distributor of the open space, in which the bedroom is inserted.

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Bedrooms with fitted wardrobes

The built-in wardrobes in the wall are a classic resource to take advantage of the storage space in a bedroom, as it is a visual solution that eliminates volumes and maximizes storage space. A good global distribution of space allows us to find corners or spaces where to insert built-in wardrobes without losing useful surface. Built-in wardrobes should be perceived as a gain and never as a loss.

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Bedrooms with built-in bedside tables

With the integration of elements, space is always gained. If we have enough space around the bed, we can take advantage of the volume of the headboard to integrate in the bedside tables. In addition, the headboard itself can serve as a top shelf where you can leave a book, or place a decorative element.

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Bedrooms with drawers under the bed

An efficient way to save a dresser in a bedroom is to place a bed that has a drawer in the bottom. In this way, you will gain space in the closet to put, for example, toys or bedding.

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