A flat for a couple in Sant Gervasi

Walking down the street of Ronda General Mitre, in the heart of the Putxet neighborhood of Barcelona, we find the latest Coblonal project. We ventured to investigate inside this 140m2 detached house, 2 bathrooms, a suite and an outdoor terrace. A modern, luxurious and exclusive proposal designed to accommodate two people in a setting that exudes the Coblonal imprint.

Panoramic vision of the reform

At an architectural level, the substantial changes can be seen in the redesign and remodeling of the three main rooms – kitchen, dining room and living room – which have been unified into a single entity to create an open space bathed in natural light. All this set embraces one of our characteristic elements: the Coblonal box, which is attached to the rest area, a large suite with a bathroom. In this case, it appears covered with a paneling of vertical walnut wood slats that give this setting warmth and uniqueness.

Its owners, a couple without children, came to us with a very clear idea: they wanted to create a bright, spacious and natural space that was in keeping with the warmth and vivacity that characterizes them.

So, we got down to work – literally – to create a design that would adapt to everyday life and your day-to-day life.

A luxury kitchen

Dissecting these three scenarios in play, first, we find the kitchen, which has a large island with a stove and a bar area with a wine cooler, fridge, freezer and two stools. A room made and articulated with a stone in dark tones that creates a particular set of colors and contrasts with the paneling of the cabinets in earthy chromatism that make up the Coblonal box.

As a whole: a dream scene to put the best recipes into practice in a space that exudes comfort and tranquility. The idyllic setting to enjoy those Sunday mornings with a taste of coffee and toast.

An oasis of peace in the heart of the city

Next, the highlight of our proposal: we put on the table the redesign of the outdoor terrace present in the apartment. Our objective, therefore, was to dress this space with nature and thus create a small garden of calm immersed in the urban jungle.

All in all, we have managed to create a unit that mixes different shades and aromas. The final touch: a pair of armchairs and a table to accompany the midday vermouth or a relaxing infusion before going to sleep surrounded by the serenity and peace that the plants give off.

The suite, an exceptional rest area. The matrimonial suite proposes a design that branches the space into two areas: the bedroom and the work space, both sectioned by diagonal wooden slats that subtly and delicately divide the scene, creating a fluid connection.


Adjacent to this unit, we find the bathroom, with a detail that captures the eye of every beholder: the lining of the shower and bathtub area. We bet on a chromatic combination that plays with gray tones and blue brushstrokes and thus articulates a captivating, daring and elegant design.

A spectacular dressing room

Finally, we look at the dressing room. It is a room that communicates directly with the hallway through a sliding smoked glass door and black metal profiles as a link. In the bowels of the dressing room, we see two different areas: one space for him, and another for her. Everything as a whole, made to the letter Coblonal: propose and create with the client a design that adapts to their tastes and needs.
In short, a magazine result created thanks to a meticulous process of observation, design, production, cooperation and definition of every detail of the project.

Photographs by: ©Heidi Cavazos

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