Sliding door and showcase: a discreet wildcard to reconfigure your home

What’s the point of a sliding door and showcase? At the moment of projecting the architecture and interior design of a home, in Coblonal Interior Design Studio we always try to start from questions that make us leave the previous schemes, to find more functionalities, to go further and find the optimal distributive that combines the physical possibilities of the home, the budget and the needs of the client.
The result must be a vital and organic space whose form adapts and evolves with the practices of the people who inhabit it.

An architectural switch to integrate or divide spaces

In this sense, for each project, the time dedicated to thinking, asking and finding new solutions is vital. How? trying to look at the function and aesthetics from another perspective.
Our experience has given us certain flexible formulas that we use at the moment of imagining these projects and the best way to build them. One of these formulas is based on finding a dynamic switch, which modifies the space organically. This time we talk about the sliding door … an element that we confess to as devotees in our architecture and interior design studio in Barcelona.

Do you want to know how you can help reconfigure the space a sliding door ?, And what value can you add in your home? In today’s post we tell you, based on our experience , the versatility of the doors sliding to transform the available space adapting it to the vital dynamics.

Sliding doors: when the shape changes with use

People are not the same throughout the day, as the activities we do evolve from one moment to another.
So why do spaces not evolve with us? It is one of the keys that helped us integrate this element in the projects, which, like a switch, triggers new states in the functional and aesthetic fluidity of a home. States that are achieved simply by closing or opening the door. A door that we build with furniture and therefore is fully integrated in both states. Today we focus on a type of sliding door that works as a perfect transition between the kitchen and the dining room: the sliding door and showcase.

The sliding doors, far from being just a container and closing element, become, according to their design and choice, an element that can modify and harmonize the appearance of the room, as well as its functionality.

The symbiosis of the sliding door and closed showcase

As we mentioned, thanks to the custom-made sliding door on the basis of the environment, once it is closed, it is fully integrated into the custom furniture, which allows creating more intimate spaces thanks to this option dividing the doors sliding
From the dividing point of view, more if they are of important dimensions, they offer the possibility of dividing a space or keeping it open with minimal visual impact. The possibility of totally opening the global space without doors in the middle and making them appear if it is convenient to divide and close interior spaces resulting.
As an example, in the project of Interior Design and Execution of Integral work in a single-family house, this metal door and glass bottom photo-offers an antonym and a complementary to the dining room and the kitchen. On the one hand, its style complements and contrasts with the house, but thanks to the glass it returns a seductive panoramic in both senses, in addition to making the spaces brighter. At the moment it is closed, it is integrated with the living room cupboard as an exhibition case.

In our studio, we love designing and producing doors that are integrated as an inseparable part of the designed furniture. We are looking for special handles that make it possible to get full flush, being almost imperceptible when closed.

An unexpected exhibitor with the door open

Regarding the integrative approach, thanks to the large number of available options, the doors can disappear and be integrated into the furniture as an inseparable part. An option that we especially like in Coblonal Interior Design Studio .
Thus, in the project that we show below, the door disappears and is integrated with the display unit, which allows to reconfigure the house and show spaces that were not there before. The kitchen opens onto the dining room and the living room to adapt to different life situations and improve communicability.
Once again, the element of surprise becomes harmonious to present new possibilities of use and aesthetics.

Where can you get more out of the sliding doors?

As you can see, the doors have a lot of uses that adapt to your aesthetic and vital needs.
In this sense, in Coblonal Interiorismo we believe that the sliding door can be adapted to any space that needs a redistributive solution that is integrated with the home.
Thus, the sliding door can be used in any common room or in connecting corners that acquire a new dimension thanks to the conception of open spaces.
We hope that our experience and reflections on the sliding door will help you to opt for one of the best jokers when it comes to personalizing your spaces, which always translates into vital harmony.

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