Some ideas to take advantage of the canvas of your walls

How to decorate the walls?

The walls, far from being just a container, are presented as a blank canvas and the opportunity to dress and complement a home. Or at least that’s how we conceive it in Coblonal Interior Design.

There are so many possibilities to decorate the walls as houses and styles. Everything will depend on your tastes and what you want to project in your home, in order to live it your way.

Therefore, today we give you some ideas based on our experience as architects and interior designers. We hope it will serve you as an inspiration decorating your walls with the greatest harmony.

Relaxing paintings without hanging out

The frames supported on shelves and other protrusions, provide a relaxed style, and added versatility.

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio, we especially like the work walls, as well as the small projections, as they become an aesthetic and functional opportunity.

A great picture to focus attention

In our study of architecture and interior design in Barcelona, ​​we are attracted by the idea of ​​focusing attention on designated points and combining it with other more neutral spaces in order to bring harmony to the whole.

An excess of elements that attract attention, from our perspective, can cause visual noise, and consequently, the potential of the elements present in this room would not be exploited.

One way to harmonize these spotlights can be to incorporate a large picture in contrast to a neutral wall color in a place of passage, as in rehabilitation project and interior design of a house in Baix Empordà of the photo below.

interior design -casa-Emporda

Use of different materials

Occasionally, decorating does not mean adding elements, but using the material that is at hand enhancing their aesthetic qualities. The simple presence and contrast of a wall with different materials, such as the lower picture in the rehabilitation and interior design project of a rustic house in Baix Empordà , can generate an interesting effect.

In this project we opt for leaving nude the stone walls in line with the rural style of the house. Only one painting decorates the wall. In this case, it is not necessary to incorporate too many elements, the stone wall being a central element that needs no more ornaments.


An easy and versatile option, such as a good wallpaper, adds an original accent to the room. A wallpaper decorates and creates contrast with the rest of the elements.

There are very original painted papers that personalize the rooms in accordance with the preferences of the people who live in the house.

Vinyl decoration Bedroom Coblonal Interior Design

As you can see, there are multiple options to decorate your walls and integrate them in the room through a balanced contrast with the rest of the set.

You can decorate the walls of all rooms, regardless of use, since today a new conception of housing is to open the spaces and integrate them with the rest of the house. So, for example, these keys when decorating can also be applied in the kitchen and the decorative line of the walls can follow the storyboard of the room. In this way an aesthetic continuity is achieved.

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