Using illumination to gain space

There are many interior design tricks to make a small room much bigger. From including storage space integrated in the furniture to huge mirrors in the walls or the use of carpets with certain prints and drawings. Apart from these resources, lighting is very important to create more sense of space in a home.

In Coblonal Interior Design we have this very clear and we show it in the different interior design projects in which we have worked.

In your blog of architecture and interior design , we show you, below, suggestions for extending the meters of floor simply with the correct and adequate use of lighting.

Recommendations for more space with lighting

Spread the light throughout the room

Do not use a single light source in the center of the room. A ceiling lamp will only throw a beam of light in the middle, but it will not illuminate the entire room. Instead of a lamp of this type distributes different points of light throughout the room. Includes floor lamps in the corners and table lamps.

All this will expand the lighting throughout the room and also help you control the different light environments of your home.


Interior design and renovation project in Sant Cugat

Use wall lights to improve corners and corners

In order to expand the light throughout the floor, try to use designer wall lights in uncomfortable corners.

For example, place two lamps to illuminate the spaces on each side of the fireplace and this will make the room appear wider.

Place hanging lamps to emphasize the height of the room

One of the most common tricks to make a room look bigger is to use vertical space. If the room lacks square meters of floor space, but has a reasonably high ceiling, you can focus on this with tall, thin furniture and tall shelves and a long pendant lamp.

This way, when you enter the room you will look up and down and you will emphasize the height of the room instead of the width of it.


Interior design and integral reform apartment in Andorra

Use high and thin lamps

Continuing with this idea of ​​taking advantage of the vertical space instead of the horizontal space, if you want to give your stay a broader feeling, it is best to place narrow and tall lamps.
Without a doubt, this will give more space to the house and will help to emphasize the vertical lines of the room.

Play with the mirrors to bounce the light throughout the room

The use of mirrors is the oldest trick that the masters of interior design have to create the illusion of more space. The classic method is to place a large mirror in front of a window with natural light. However, if you can not put this mirror in front of a window, you can also try mirrors in front of wall lamps to obtain a similar effect.

By the way, a very common trick to gain space in a room with mirrors is to place one from the floor to the ceiling in front of a piece of furniture. This way, you’ll make it look like another room opens behind the mirror.

Uses lamps with square shapes on small surfaces

If you want to place a table lamp on a very narrow table, a mantelpiece or a small shelf, try using a square lamp and not rounded.

A lamp of this type can always be pushed against the wall in a shelf or on a shelf to save valuable space.

lampara cuadrada baix emporda

Interior design and integral reform rustic house Baix Empordà

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