Accessories to give life to a living room

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we consider that the use of complements, personalization and attention to detail are essential to give life to a linving room.
In this sense, as architects and interior designers, we like to conceive our designs as a whole, where all the elements play a joint role. All elements must harmonize together. Nothing is random. In this way, even if we talk about accessories, they are not accessories, they are part of the whole.

How do we propose the selection? We rely on the taste, style and personality of those who inhabit the house, as guidelines of inspiration to round the decoration with unique accessories. The selection is not made when all the rest is done, but it is appearing at the same time that the style and finishes of the house are defined.
As you can see, the accessories for the living room are an extensive world, and its definition one of the funniest moments in every project. It is the opportunity to reaffirm the character and style of a reform.
For all this, in today’s post we bring you a repertoire of ideas based on our architecture and interior design projects , hoping you will find the inspiration you need to give a breath of life – your own life – to your living room … Let’s start?

Accessories in the living room: the icing on the cake

The accessories can follow the guidelines of materials, colors and textures that the pavement finishes, walls and doors; Or, they can look for the contrast in all or some of these parameters. It will depend on us if we want to look for the singularity in the contrast or in the solidity of the whole, depending on the soul that wants to print to the living room.

Lamps and Lighting

A first very clear example are hanging lamps or table lamps that, in addition to fulfilling their function by illuminating the space, participate as decorative elements that print a specific character to the whole. Illuminate correctly , implies light, but also beauty, form and color in conjunction with space and what is going to happen in it.
The light , whether natural, reflected or artificial has a projection in the room that can serve different purposes, be it to distribute, zonify or decorate.
In this sense, light can be presented in its most natural way, with candles or a fireplace.
Shaped Up! A detail that achieves a unique environmental effect. Or through strategically placed points of light that translate into lamps with a lot of personality. The mirrors, in this sense, are also an ally for the room in terms of diffusion of light. Located in front of the largest source of natural light, they amplify the feeling of space and general lighting.


An unexpected wallpaper

Sometimes, just wearing a wall or a volume with an original wallpaper serves to modify the room and add complexity and character to the whole. A map? A vintage style paper in an industrial house? Striking colors or fractal figures? Although we have to invest a day browsing models, its impact is worth it.


Elements that focus attention and identify spaces

Introducing some element that stands out, that marks a counterpoint with the rest, is a way of focusing attention and at the same time giving identity to the space. Singularizing spaces in this way is a very interesting resource for hotels. It is about remembering a space for some present element. For example, the skull room. Without a doubt we can also use it in the residential area and make the use of color the main axis in the definition of style. Architecture and Interior Design


Essential details

Taking into account the details is one of our maxims for all our projects. The details make the difference and require attention and proximity. The fabric, the texture, the waters of the natural stone, some vases in the indicated place, a piece of art specially chosen for a certain corner. Devote time and love to define these aspects, makes the resulting space have something to tell, have a personality of their own.


Art pieces

In a similar sense, the pieces of art combine at the same time their evident aesthetic impact with the depth of their history, the technique and materials used, as well as the work’s own message.

In short, when adding accessories, there is a set of rules to follow, but a set of aspects to take into account that the experience and extensive knowledge of resources, brands and products in the market translate into a certain sensitivity to contribute what is fair. In any case, it is very important to rely on the personality of the inhabitants so that the resulting personality of the space is in accordance.

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