Keys for a modern bathroom

In a society that forgets to relax, interior design and the projection of spaces can serve as support for vital well-being.

In this sense, the bathroom, far from being just a place of obligatory passage for daily hygiene, offers new functional possibilities as a privileged space for disconnection, for hygiene, also, interior.

The current trends in interior design bring us closer to understanding the bathroom as a small temple of well-being that is even integrated with other rooms such as the dressing room or the bedroom

On the other hand, this holistic concept of grooming is not a recent discovery and various civilizations have incorporated well-being in the toilet. However, current currents in interior design, in their eagerness to serve new ways of living, have tried to update this functional concept with technical advances in materials and utilitarian elements, resulting in an effective conception and materiality of a bathroom modern.

Therefore, in today’s post we will try to specify some of the key aspects that make up a modern bathroom for Coblonal Interior Design.

Ideas | A modern bathroom or the toilet experience

When it comes to forming a complete hygiene experience, we understand two dimensions of support when designing the space: the aesthetic dimension, on the one hand, and the functional dimension on the other. Both work in symbiosis to offer the best result.


Aesthetic dimension

  • Less is more, a maxim that makes all the sense in rooms of small dimensions, where you have to make the most of the available space. In this sense, having a good storage will reduce the “noise” that all the elements we use, such as cans, creams or towels cause, interrupting the simple lines of its design.
  • Lighting with different scenes that serve the purposes of relaxation and functional, in addition to an adaptation and comfort of use at different times of the day.
  • Unique pieces made to measure. In our studio we like to design and integrate unique pieces to measure in each project, as they singles out and above all they adapt perfectly to the needs, tastes and available space. Modernity is synonymous with personalization and adaptation, and this also applies in the bathroom.

Functional and technological dimension

  • Integrate bathrooms and smart radiators
  • Intelligent and multifunctional lighting
  • Eco friendly toilets and showers optimized to save water
  • Take advantage of the volumes of work to have storage opportunities. Rethinking spaces and seeing them from another perspective is another key that defines a current bathroom. Thus, spaces or dead volumes disappear.
  • Integrate materials typically used in other rooms and also work in the bathroom such as concrete, wood or even steel.
  • Choose innovative materials such as carbon, graphite, concrete … engineering is put at the service of interior design.


Coblonal Experience | Interior design project for a bathroom

More than a decade ago, Coblonal had the opportunity to design and build a space around the concept of “living room”. A spectacular interior design proposal for the Casa Decor 2007 edition in Barcelona, ​​according to the order of Azul Acocsa , a bathroom space with exceptional measures, materials and technology as the maximum expression of the concept, thinking as a space in which to spend quality time, beyond the strict functionality of the traditional bathroom A space to take care of yourself, to disconnect, to relax. A bathroom with the qualities of a Spa, but closely linked to everyday use.

While it is true that in this interior design was to recreate a space to show off the possibilities of Azul Acocsa materials and put them in use, the result serves as a reference in its maximum expression of an elegant living room, of pure lines and high quality materials.

When designing a bathroom considered modern, we see that the very conception of space, and therefore of its uses and functions, are decisive to realize its condition of modernity beyond the possible aesthetic proposals that will vary depending on the multiple factors present in every project.

In any case, as architects and interior designers, we consider that the best guarantee of timelessness in modernity is the use of quality materials to form volumes of simple lines and with organic colors and textures. In short, a bathroom that manages to offer a comprehensive service to its users, is and will be a modern and modern stay, trying to improve the life experience at home: the main purpose of all interior design.


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