What are the most frequent mistakes when planning a bedroom that lead to a bad rest?

Light them up too much. We must be aware that excessive artificial lighting in the bedroom can upset us before it is time to rest. It is favorable to choose to create night scenes, which play with subtle and warm lights so that they make us gradually release melatonin.

Over-mechanize the nightstands. It is also not recommended to put too many plugs and switches on our bedside tables since, in addition to aesthetics, they do not help us to have a good rest due to their electrical charges. The blue lighting of the screens of mobile phones, tablets… goes totally against our circadian rhythms and causes us the opposite effect to what we need before going to sleep.

Not taking into account the fabric of our bedding. We spend a large part of our time under our bedding and therefore it is important to opt for natural fabrics that allow our skin to breathe while we rest. Heavyweight cotton or linen will always be a good choice.

Forget the relationship color and health. Not all colors are valid in a bedroom since some of them can alter us.

Underestimate the importance of curtains. There are many people who ‘forget’ them. For us they are a fantastic way to filter the natural light that we receive from the outside and whenever they play with natural fabrics, a fantastic atmosphere of relaxation will be created inside the bedroom.

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