The importance of materials for an office

The material that is used to the interior of an office is becoming increasingly important. The materials represent the corporate brand of both doors in and out. In any case, it is essential to prioritize the well-being of those who are going to develop their workday, adding value to the company.
In Coblonal Interiorismo we have worked in different interior design projects where we appreciate the importance that we give to the materials in an office.
From our experience in different projects, we recommend below a series of ideas to use the best materials in an office .

Ideas for using materials in an office

Use of glass in search of elegance

The star material for offices in the last decade is, without a doubt, glass. A synonym of simplicity, transparency and elegance. The classic image of a large diaphanous plant parceled with glass screens is a common place for offices of all kinds in this last decade. The glass screens are an ideal solution to divide the space and at the same time visually enjoy the amplitude of the set.
The glass partitions in the offices manage to compartmentalise an office in areas and zones of work as well as to isolate them acoustically and thermally among themselves. Whether at full height or leaving the top free, glass partitions provide privacy for private offices and meeting rooms.
Yes, everything happens, and increasingly the corporate image, and therefore the work spaces themselves, become more organic and natural spaces, with the introduction and combination of other materials.

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Use of wood to connect with nature

Currently, the introduction of materials that connect the interior with nature is a trend. The organic references that refer to the sustainability and kindness represented materially, enjoy a greater acceptance in the current office environments. In this sense, wood is one of the materials that best make this connection with the natural environment.
We are not referring to the classic shiny melamine with the appearance of wood, but to natural wood or plywood elements. Wood is a very appropriate material to be used on desk tables, doors, frames, decorative objects, etc. Wood is a material that always brings warmth to the premises.

Use of OSB panels on the walls of the most sustainable offices

From time to time, some of the most modern and casual style offices have used OSB panels (Oriented Strand board) to coat and form the walls. It is a material that is a variant of the agglomerated board that offers properties similar to plywood, but in a more sustainable and economic way.
The greater current environmental awareness has caused a boom in the use of this type of material in the office. In addition, its image of a certain provisional nature, as in permanent construction, gives a dynamic aspect to the brand. It is an economic, creative and innovative way to design a pleasant and motivating work environment. Where the accent is placed on the value of what one does, more in the space where it happens. Of course, every carefree aspect should be thought and planned to the last detail in a work environment.

Use of porcelain tiles in floors for a modern office

The material that you use on the floor of your office must be in line with the corporate image of the company. Currently, in many offices the material that is most used to cover the floor is porcelain stoneware. The carpet on technical pavement hiding facilities every time is a vestige in the process of disappearing in favor of non-practicable, resistant and easy to clean pavements.
Porcelain tile floors are very easy to clean, as it is only necessary to wipe with a damp cloth. Porcelain stoneware is available in many finishes that reproduce the effect of different materials. Those with an appearance similar to natural stone are the ones that we like the most and are more enduring in time. Thanks to the porcelain stoneware, you can have a sophisticated floor, but very easy to clean.

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Use of concrete in floors and walls, an industrial touch

An alternative to porcelain stoneware and a marked industrial style is concrete. A material that was already a trend in the past and still is today. Both polished for floors, as well as for walls, pillars and ceilings, concrete provides a robust and industrial air that contrasts other nobler materials in a very contemporary and non-anachronistic balance. The use of this material in the offices reminds us of the old factories and warehouses, the origin of this style.
The offices with industrial style with walls or pavements of cement or concrete, use the gray color, in its majority. However, this color can be softened with dyes to achieve warmer tones such as orange or brown.

Whatever the chosen materials, what we can be sure of is that the organic aspect and the modularity are the current trend and pattern to give shape and appearance to any office thinking about durability.

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