Warm or cold light for the living room: which is better?

The light illuminates the rooms and the elements of it, makes them visible and only with its presence has the ability to determine our state of mind. The living room is the space of the home where we relax, read, chat, where we comfort ourselves. Light defines the sensations we feel in the room. Knowing how to choose between warm or cold light for the living room is essential for our relationship with it and with how we will feel there.

Knowing how to treat light is essential to configure a space according to our tastes. Lighting for the living room that starts from the glare of natural light has the ability to radiate life in our furniture, in the color of our walls, in ourselves when we are there. Of course, we recommend having professionals able to dialogue with light, understand every detail and interact with the colors of your decoration to achieve the best result.

But not only natural light is key in lighting for the living room. Artificial light also governs a good part of our life in it. And in this case we are faced with a dilemma. What is the best location for our light sources? Warm or cold light? As in any interior design project, it will depend on your needs and desires.

Importance of correct lighting in the living room

For the Swiss Le Corbusier, one of the fathers of modern architecture, “a house is a machine for living and should be the case of life, the machine for happiness.” We believe that the living room is the heart of the house, and the light, the element that drives its heartbeat. That is why we need to be very clear about whether warm or cold light is better for the living room. The rhythm of our life at home depends on it.

Traditionally, the living room is the most versatile space in the home and the one in which we spend the most time. Many of us sit on it with our laptop to work, watch television, take a nap on the sofa, eat on it or simply settle in to talk with our loved ones. It is the place where we do the most activities and, therefore, the lighting for the living room is essential and it is recommended that it be highly nuanced depending on the space and the activity that we develop in it.

Depending on the dimensions and uses that you give to the room, we can bet on lighting by zones, which will always have the ability to divide more spaces than uniform lighting.

For example, in the space that we use to read it is convenient to have a support lamp; to watch TV it is always better that we have indirect lighting; In the dining room part, the best option is usually to have a ceiling lamp that evenly distributes the lighting. Whether we bet on warm or cold light for the living room depends a lot on what sensations we want to achieve.

Differences between warm or cold light: Advantages and disadvantages

But what are we going to notice if we choose a warm or cold light for the living room? The truth is that the differences are significant.

Warm light is one that shows yellowish tones and has a lower color temperature, always below 3,300 degrees Kelvin. What does this mean? It has greater depth, stimulates details and is the ideal companion when we want to relax. It is a fantastic light for reading, concentration.

On the other hand, if in the lighting for the living room we bet on cold light, we are doing it for a much more uniform lighting. It offers us white tones and a color temperature between 5,500 and 6,500 degrees Kelvin. They have the ability to overstimulate us, to make us alert. It is an action light.

Maybe it is not so much about choosing a warm or cold light. In many cases, we would recommend combining them. What is clear is that both have their advantages and disadvantages. And here we summarize them.

Advantages of warm light

  • It helps to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.
  • It gives a greater depth to the environment.
  • Emphasize the details of the room where you use it.

Disadvantages of warm light

  • It is underpowered and reduces visibility.
  • It encourages rest and is not recommended at times when we need to be active.
  • In activity spaces such as the kitchen it is not recommended.

Advantages of cold light

  • It makes us be alert. It even wakes us up in moments of fatigue.
  • It shines brightly and improves visibility.
  • It is perfect for spaces in which we do activities in which we have to be attentive such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Drawbacks of cold light

  • It makes rest difficult, as it stimulates us.
  • It can dazzle on certain occasions.
  • Generates a more impersonal feeling.

Determining factors when choosing the lighting for your living room

As you can see, there are many nuances that determine the suitability of opting for warm or cold light for the living room. We will tell you which are, in our opinion, the most important factors in relation to lighting for the living room.

  • Size of the room: If you have a large room, it will not be so important that you decide between a warm or cold light. In that case, you could delimit the areas and, depending on the activities you are going to carry out, choose a different type of lighting for your living room in each of them. In case it is small, the best thing is that you bet on a less nuanced light, but that can illuminate everything.
  • Does your living room receive natural light? If so, you can enjoy light throughout the day, so it is preferable that you focus more on warm artificial lights, since you will use them especially at night, in the moments of more seclusion.
  • The lighting for the living room must be in tune with the decoration: You must be careful when choosing a warm or cold light depending on your furniture and the room. For example, a wooden living room is better suited to warm light.
  • What is the color of the walls: Light has the power to define the perception of the colors of our rooms. In a living room with white walls, warm light is usually a good option, since white causes the rays of light to bounce off and we will achieve an effect, at the same time, cozy and bright.

“A happy man”, said Goethe, “is one who, being a king or a peasant, finds peace in his home.” Light is that sorceress that has the ability to arouse different types of sensations in our home. The light is a magic that illuminates our privacy. Being able to decide whether to use warm or cold light for the living room makes it easier for us to optimize our well-being in the most important space of the house.

At Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have years of experience in the architecture and interior design sector in Barcelona. We have an expert team of interior designers that stands out for its uniqueness and the quality of its services. If you plan to carry out a lighting project or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you without obligation.

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