We have a showroom, set up a show

A showroom is a space dedicated to show the products in an environment in which the product can be observed and tested in use situation. Thus, you can try the different elements as if they were in your flat or professional space, and decide for a product without having to imagine in excess its characteristics, nor its operation.
From the most obvious and habitual to the unexpected and exceptional.
If we expose lamps, or televisions, let these work. If they are sofas or mattresses, we can try them. If they are lockers we can open and close them. If they are tiles, we can step on them. If they are kitchens we can cook. If they are taps that we see them well.
The design of a showroom is based, in our opinion, on recreating and providing a real user experience . For this it is very important to have the possibility to expose and place the product as the end user will enjoy it. At the same time, a global conception of space characterized by a meticulously thought out distribution is essential.

Interior design and production of the Azul Acocsa Kitchens Showroom


A showroom is a trip through the exhibited products

A space dedicated to the exhibition of products must have prepared a trip very well thought for its customers. An experience that transmits emotions and allows you to know the options that best suit your needs and preferences, as well as the transmission of a brand image in the global exhibition.

A showroom allows customers to experiment with the products

A client who enters a showroom comes to know and experiment with the items he wants to buy. You want to check “in situ” how the products work and contemplate the breadth of the range. So we have to combine the experience of use and the exposure of the variety at the same time. The breadth of space and exhibition strategies can be incorporated into the design to increase the space’s performance. An exhibition piece and small samples incorporated into the environment to complete the range.

Interior design and project management Health Showroom Azul Acocsa Barcelona


Lighting as a guide on the way

As in the scenarios, lighting has a decisive impact on the presentation of the product. Lighting is the ideal instrument to highlight certain products over others. Having different scenes is essential to trace the path, according to the characteristics of the client, with the commercial being the scene manager.

Large windows for the client to enjoy the interior of the showroom

If we are lucky enough to have a space with access to the outside, both the entry of light and the opportunity to expose and disseminate the product is an element that we will have to maximize. If we want to expose materials that will be in front of natural light, we should have it, since light is capable of completely changing the appearance of a product. In the same way, a showroom is by definition an attractive space, a fact that we can take advantage of to capture the attention of those who pass by on the street.   showroom-espacio-exterior

Interior design and production of the Azul Acocsa Kitchens Showroom


A showroom has to create an excellent atmosphere

All the sensations of the client should be contemplated and controlled in a showroom. Intensity of light, temperature, sound. Our perspective must be holistic and understand our scene as a whole. Imagine that our customers are going cold while we show them a product. If it is a question of coats or a heating, perhaps it could make sense, but in the majority of occasions it would be an interference that would impede the correct perception of the product and would push our clients to leave that environment as soon as possible. In the same way, inadequate lighting or sound, such as loud or shrill music, or the reverberated sound of the voices of other customers or collaborators of the space.

If we have a showroom, we just need to set up the show

Your showroom is an opportunity to connect with customers and convert the interested public into effective customers. So all the factors are important to provide customers with a favorable environment for and comfortable for making purchasing decisions by our customers.

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