Lighting that gives form and function to the bedroom

The bedroom is the temple of the dwelling dedicated to oneself and to rest. The burrow where to gather to relax, sleep and disconnect. Although, more and more, this room adapts to the new conception of architecture and interior design, where spaces open and change into a new place with functionalities that adapt to the current way of life.

Today the new multifunctionality of the bedroom is accompanied by an essential element : the light. Well thought-out lighting is the key to creating different environments and, therefore, new possibilities for using a bedroom that becomes dynamic thanks to the different situations of lighting.

Light as a living element of the bedroom

The new functionalities offered by the bedroom have to be accompanied by a light that enhances the warmth of the room. And in Coblonal Interior Design , as architects and interior designers, we know the importance of good lighting. In each project we get involved to study light, both natural and artificial, and thus make light an organic element that is involved in each design.

The architect Louis Kahn mentioned on one occasion that the sun never knew of its greatness until it struck the face of a building. Thus, as an invisible painting bath, light accompanies the materials and colors to enhance and soften them at the same time. This effect can be achieved through lighting with elements such as reading lamps, bedside or environmental lights and overhead lamps.

The conjugation of these elements together with the natural light offered by the room is the best way to project a bedroom that flows at the rhythm of the needs of the people. Light shapes the function and vice versa. And in today’s article, from the experience of Coblonal Interiorismo through our interior design and architecture projects in Barcelona and other places, we give you some keys so you can choose the best lighting for your bedroom.

Natural light that does not need companions

It is true that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, but that does not mean we have to do without the natural light in the bedroom. In this case, we have designed a bedroom in a house in the middle of the natural environment of Andorra -bottom photo-. We have taken advantage of the strength of that same environment and integrated into the bedroom through large windows to take advantage of natural light. In this way, the bedroom does not need anything else. As an addition, we opted for Nordic minimalist lamps in the multipurpose module of the headboard to provide extra light in the hours when there is no natural light.

Our advice? To take full advantage of natural light, it is best to opt for warm colors on the walls, furniture and bedding. Colors like beige, gray, white, cream … are ideal. Natural light woods open the way for light to flow unimpeded. The fabric of the curtains is very important to illuminate the bedroom. The best choice is a natural light fiber textile.

Interior design project in Andorra

Reading flexes to create an atmosphere of concentration

The most used option for studio Coblonal Interior Design Studio or is the lighting by means of flexes fixed on the wall or on the furniture that forms the Headboard set This type of lighting allows the light to be directed so that it can be read from the bed and facilitates its switching on and off, avoiding unnecessary drops of the lamp when trying to find the mechanism to turn it on or off. Being a focused light, it does not tire on the visa and is perfect for reading without disturbing the companion.

decoracion dormitorio Sarria

Interior design project in a flat in Sarrià

Headlight or environmental light to take advantage of space

If there is no possibility of incorporating individual lights for lack of space, the best option is to opt for an environmental light that can be integrated in the head of the bed. This option increases the radius of illumination without diminishing the intimacy and warmth necessary for rest. We can incorporate sconces or lamps that add the details of contrast with respect to the rest of the stay. Thus, once again, design and function can be intermixed.
cabecero de madera para dormitorio rustico
Interior design project in a house in Empordà

dormitorio con cabecero textil iluminado

Interior design project of a duplex in the Eixample

General light or overhead

In a context where it is necessary to move through a large part of the bedroom space, share it with another person or give to the another use room different, the general overhead light increases the radius of illumination. As in this interior design project that we carried out in an apartment of Gracia-photo below, it is possible to combine two lighting heights with ceiling spotlights and hanging lamps. Both combine to give a different accent to the room. In this case it was an old house in Barcelona in which we wanted to preserve the vestiges of yesteryear, so we took advantage of the wooden roof beams that were complemented by industrial lights and pendant lamps to form a unique space.
coblonal interiorismo dormitorio romea
Interior design project of an apartment in Gracia
As always, interior design is about playing and combining the different elements, and in the case of lighting, the key is to take advantage of the different heights and styles of lamps to create environments. The goal of lighting is to provide warmth to live the stay. And that is what we always try in Coblonal Interior Design: we sculpt materials to create living spaces.

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