Attic in Putxet

A penthouse of about 95m2 that starts from two small apartments open to a generous longitudinal terrace.

The original distribution with which our client acquired the property already united the two pieces in one house, but with a somewhat convoluted and parceled distribution. When children become independent, it opens up a good opportunity to rethink their daily way of living. And here we come in.

Our proposal involved significant changes from the original distribution. We give up a room, but we expand and reunify the social area of the house in a large and bright space that brings together the living room, dining room and kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is relocated to the space that occupied one of the two individual rooms in the original layout.

In addition to improving the zoning of the home, we get a large social space where family and friends can gather around a table. Now, with this open layout, preparing some food also becomes a social activity while maintaining the layout and proportions of a traditional kitchen. A small and simple office completes the set that acquires modularity thanks to a huge sliding door that is fully integrated and almost invisible thanks to some discreet white handles, in case we need privacy or at a given moment we need another room.

If in the original layout a long corridor surrounded the kitchen to reach the social area, now we find no trace of a corridor. In its place and in front of the entrance door, we find a hall area that acts as a distributor and link between the social area and the area of the rooms and toilets. From it, we have access to a large room with a window to an interior cellar, to a complete bathroom that serves it, as well as to eventual visits. We also have access to a large double bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a small dressing area with access to the terrace. The built-in wardrobe in this room is the only piece of work that we keep from the previous layout of the house.

To finish, the terrace has been completely remodeled, as well as the enclosures which, with large windows, offer a fluid connection between interior and exterior. Due to the orientation of the house, mostly towards the west, the house has an abundant entrance of sunlight in the afternoons that we filter without the need for curtains with the installation of mobile Mallorcan blinds. Our action is completed with the removal of some old construction planters that filled the exterior polygonal profile. In this way, we gain spaciousness and simplicity for a terrace that we have completely waterproofed and covered with teak wood lamellas, in the same way as the dividers with the adjacent terraces.

Finally, let’s mention a curiosity. In accordance with the tastes of our client, there are only recessed lights in the bathrooms and the kitchen. The rest of the lighting is achieved through the different lights distributed throughout the house and switched through the sockets and switches. And with the collection of original pieces that make up the different scenes, we have absolutely nothing to object to. In fact, the distinction between technical and decorative lighting loses all meaning. The lamps, all emblematic pieces of design, perfectly fulfill their dual function of light and aesthetics, giving light to a home that we are in love with.

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