Azul Acocsa’s parquet showroom

Coblonal Interiorisme has been in charge of the design, project and production of this internationally renowned showroom.

Being the reference in the distribution of the most innovative materials requires always being one step ahead. For this reason, jointly, we have carried out a new distribution and implementation of selected materials that serve as a renewed stage to show off its entire range. On this occasion, our actions have focused on the flooring area of the upper floor.

Sobriety and elegance, simplicity that sublimates the product and makes it attractive in itself. It’s about showing off the piece to imagine your outfit. It is about being able to compare in good conditions, facilitating the work of professionals and individuals to make the best choice. The purchasing experience is key to making the right decision.

Our distribution

Based on our own experience, we have designed facilities designed to be able to go with clients and choose from the infinite number of products in the best conditions. Amplitude, being able to present different models on the floor, seeing the changes in color depending on the light in the space. Directly check the delivery of the shower faucets. For these and many other reasons, the Azul Acocsa showroom is a must-see stop for our clients.

Distribution plan

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