In the middle of spring and with summer just around the corner, the good weather invites you to enjoy time outdoors. And, to do so, the terraces are the ideal setting to find your haven of calm and well-being. So that you can get the most out of your terrace, we suggest the essential keys you need to know to set it up and decorate it and thus turn your outdoor area into a space that invites you to enjoy it all year round.

Keys to decorating modern terraces: how to decorate a terrace with the right furniture

To achieve a good interior design for your urban terrace or garden, there is no secret to the choice and distribution of terrace furniture. But we confess that distributing a terrace properly is not as simple as it looks.

In any interior or exterior design, furniture plays a very important role in the distribution of space. Therefore, in many cases we will choose multifunctional pieces that cover more than one option; If not, we will run the risk of arranging too many pieces and achieving the opposite effect that we want to recreate.

Design an environment to relax and share

The terrace is more than just an outdoor space: it is an extension of your home. For this reason, to create a comfortable environment it will be essential to dress it with comfortable furniture and details that make you feel at home. Adding elements such as pillows and blankets will provide warmth and invite your guests to relax.

Choose sturdy furniture

Take into account the sun

Making the most of sunlight is essential in decorating terraces. And the formula to achieve this is to strategically place outdoor furniture and accessories to create areas of shade, especially if you have a small terrace. And if you already want to get an urban terrace or garden of honor, use elegant parasols or pergolas to provide shelter from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Play with lighting

Terrace lighting can create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Opt for mood lights, garlands or lanterns. LED lights, for example, are an excellent option to achieve aesthetic and efficient lighting.

Choose a floor with personality

Whether with tiles, wood or synthetic materials, choose a floor that captures your style and personal stamp, and that at the same time is in harmony with the rest of the decoration. A floor with personality can be the key element to building an impressive terrace.

Textiles: How to cover a terrace?

Canvas, raffia... The options are multiple and varied. And adding textiles to your terrace not only provides comfort, but also color and texture. Pillows, outdoor rugs and light blankets can transform a simple terrace into a space full of style and its own stamp. In addition, terraces, patios or gardens are often visible to your neighbors. Combining these elements will help achieve the privacy that every user desires for the terrace of their home.

Elements such as raffia or canvas pergolas, and mobile covers can provide privacy to our terrace without giving up a complete open space.

Ideas and examples of terrace decoration

Vertical decoration

Exprime las paredes de tu terraza y aprovecha para colgar plantas de exterior y elementos decorativos. Las estanterías o jardineras verticales son excelentes para espacios pequeños y añadirán ese toque verde fresco y sereno a tu refugio urbano.

Stretch out the walls of your terrace and take the opportunity to hang outdoor plants and decorative elements. Shelves or vertical planters are great for small spaces and will add that fresh, serene green touch to your urban retreat.

Rustic Style

If what you are looking for is to provide your terrace with comfort and warmth and turn it into a cozy space, incorporating wooden furniture is the answer. Playing with rattan accessories and details that evoke nature will help you achieve a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Privacy space

Use curtains or vegetation to create a secluded atmosphere with intimate areas to close your terrace. Combining these elements is an effective technique that will promote privacy and, at the same time, will also add a touch of elegance to your terrace.

Terraces with glass railings

Glass railings offer a clear, sharp, continuous and unobstructed view of the urban landscape. They provide modernity and visual breadth. They are the perfect option to incorporate if you have a terrace or balcony, and thus enjoy and enhance the views. And if you want a magazine-worthy result, carefully and meticulously choosing balcony furniture will be essential to creating a comfortable, aesthetic, elegant and functional space.

Terraces with sliding doors

Sliding doors are the perfect bridge to link the interior with the exterior. This element will allow you to connect, for example, your living room with the terrace, giving way to obtaining a fluid and multifunctional space.

Terrace with plants

Incorporate plants, wood and stone elements to create a terrace with a natural touch. This style provides harmony with the environment and encourages a connection with nature. And it is a fact that vegetation adds color to the whole and gives life to terraces, gardens and patios.

In many of our interior design projects we have created planters of our own design, specially designed to achieve an optimal visual and sensory effect for the exterior. Plants and vegetation are a key and essential element to incorporate into any terrace decoration project.

Well-placed plants on a terrace help distribute the space and provide privacy to areas that are especially exposed. It should be emphasized that the amount and type of vegetation must respect the balance with the whole.


Terraces with play area

If you have children or simply want to create an entertainment space, a good option is to incorporate games such as vertical gardens or game tables. In this way, you will get a functional outdoor space suitable for all ages.


Terraces with shower

With an eye on the summer season, integrating an outdoor shower on your terrace will undoubtedly allow you to have a perfect relaxation space to cool off on hot days.

In fact, if you want to see it exemplified, you can consult one of our projects in which we have incorporated a bathtub on the terrace of a penthouse housed in the Vallcarca neighborhood with spectacular views of the city of Barcelona. The result: a magazine terrace with a built-in swimming area.

Total white terrace

A minimalist style with white tones can make your terrace look bigger and brighter. And if you want to make your outdoor space exude a contemporary seal, incorporating furniture with clean lines and metal accessories is the solution.

Terrace with space to work

You can also condition and adapt your terrace to accommodate a work area where you can concentrate outdoors. Comfortable furniture and a Wi-Fi connection will be the keys to the success equation to make your terrace also the perfect office to have a quiet and inspiring space.

Terrace with barbecue

Spring and good weather are approaching and, with them, barbecues with friends and family in the garden or terrace of your home. And in order to hold these meetings, it will be essential to equip your outdoor space with outdoor dining furniture, and thus create a cozy atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family.

At Coblonal Interiorisme we propose an overall vision, in which all the elements play in the same direction to obtain an optimal result that allows us to enjoy the exterior of our homes in complete harmony with the interior. Do not hesitate to contact us or consult our social platforms for more information or a personalized guide to make your movie terrace a reality.

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