Where do decorators buy? Joan Llongueras for El Mueble

Joan Llongueras, co-founder and Creative Director of Coblonal Interior Design Studio, reveals in the El Mueble section: Where do decorators buy? the most outstanding suppliers and specialized stores that we visit to furnish, dress and decorate the interior design projects that we carry out.

These are not just shops, but also art galleries, fairs and professional artisans that we regularly turn to as well as others that we discover in our continuous search for novelty.

There will be interior designers who have their formula, their star ingredients and they don’t come from there. That makes them easily recognizable and very efficient. We think that they must also get a little bored because we love the challenge, the creativity inherent in facing each project as unique. So we’re not afraid to say where we buy, as our list continues to grow and feed on new acquisitions and resources.

We are very grateful to El Mueble for their attention and interest and we hope you enjoy the list and the reflections of Joan Llongueras.

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